It looks like Gran Turismo 7 will not be able to play offline

It looks like Gran Turismo 7 will not be able to play offline

Gran Turismo 7 recently unveiled its single-player campaign structure and revealed the game’s release date. Fans are generally pleased with what they saw, but one piece of information caused concern. Most games, including the campaign and the ability to modify the car, will require players to be connected to the internet.

I know that now there will be someone who will say: well, we are all connected to the Internet all the time anyway - why would that be a problem for anyone? True, but the problem does not have to be whether the internet is available to someone or not, the problem is that in such cases there is no gaming if the game servers have difficulties in operation or when they have a maintenance phase. Online multiplayer will not work then - but in this case, the servers also affect the playing of the single-player campaign.

After all, games that require a permanent connection to the Internet always have a shelf life - when their servers are shut down one day, the game will not be able to play offline if the developer does not make some interventions on it. And Gran Turismo doesn't have a very promising history when it comes to servers. For example, the servers for Gran Turismo 6 were completely shut down just five years after the launch of that game. The difference, however, is that the Gran Turismo 6 could and still can be played offline and that one day in the future may not be the case with the GT7.

This is what was expected after Gran Turismo Sport. This game can technically be played without the player being connected to the official servers, but then his progress in the game is not recorded at all. It will probably be the same in Gran Turismo 7. In any case, we still do not have concrete details; one thing is clear - even if you are not interested in the multiplayer component in Gran Turismo 7, you will have to be connected to the official servers.

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