As of today, the Nintendo Switch supports Bluetooth audio

As of today, the Nintendo Switch supports Bluetooth audio

One of the common objections to the Nintendo Switch is that you can’t connect headphones to the console via Bluetooth. That is, you can - bypass it by buying an adapter for it. But there’s no official adapter for that because Nintendo doesn’t make it, and the whole thing is ridiculous because the console controllers work right through Bluetooth.

But now that too has finally been resolved. The system update version 13.0.0, which is available as of today, brings native support for Bluetooth audio to the Switch. From now on, it is possible to connect wireless headphones, speakers, and other audio devices to the Nintendo Switch console.

Of course, there are a few remarks. First of all, you can only use a Bluetooth headset while one pair of JoyCon controllers is connected to the console - as soon as the local multiplayer with more than two players starts, Bluetooth audio is not functional. Secondly, it is not possible to use Bluetooth microphones. Third, if the two Switches are connected wirelessly, it is not possible to use Bluetooth audio.

So there is a trade-off, but after four years without this functionality, the owners of the Switch will be happy to agree to whatever is offered to them. After all, we can be happy that Bluetooth audio is enabled for everyone instead of being reserved only for the new OLED console model arriving in the 10th month.

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