See what a fighting game in the world of League of Legends - Project L looks like

The creators of the League of Legends intend to infiltrate the martial arts community shortly. Two years ago, they announced their Project L - from the world of LoL, and now they finally have something concrete to show. They note that Project L is still in the conceptual phase and that what they have to show now is not the final version of what we will play one day.

Riot's fighting game will be of tag-team format, ie the players will have two fighters in the team and will alternate them during the match. The controls in the game will be "easy to learn and hard to master". The visual style of the game will be as you see in the video below.

The idea behind Riot’s sheet music will be to build the best possible netcode in the martial arts genre. In this venture, rollback is their foundation, and they will use existing technologies, such as RiotDirect to reduce ping (developed for LoL and Valorant).

For now, Project L is in a playable state in terms of gameplay and controls, but it has yet to come up with content. In other words, the game does not yet have roster champions or locations where they will fight, there is no interface, rank system, etc. There is also no specific release date, but in Riot, they promise to talk about their fighting game again sometime in the second half of 2022. years.

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