War shooter Isonzo has an impressive selection of mustaches for the characters

Isonzo has an impressive selection of mustaches for the characters

One of the novelties of the WW1 shooter Isonzo compared to the previous games Tannenberg and Verdun will be the system of modifying the appearance of the soldiers themselves. The M2H development studio has revealed that the look can be defined in five categories: uniforms, hats/helmets, faces, mustaches/beards, and accessories.

Each class in the game will have a selection of historically authentic uniforms. In other words, there will be no pink uniforms. A handy addition is that the uniforms a player wears will get dirty over time after matches. A similar principle has been applied to hats and helmets: each class has exclusive hats/helmets. In other words, a scout cannot wear a captain's cap and the like.

The faces of the soldiers will also be authentic, eg Italian soldiers will have a “Mediterranean” look with darker hair and skin color than Austro-Hungarian troops. A large selection will come with mustaches and beards. Currently, Isonzo has 50 different types of mustaches and beards, and that number could grow even more by the time it comes out. Developers are in love with mustaches. In addition to mustaches, we will be able to put glasses, pipes, blindfolds, etc. on our characters.

Isonzo is currently in development for the PC and an early version of the game is expected sometime in early 2022.

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