Icarus is currently the best-selling game on Steam, but players aren’t exactly happy with the game

Icarus is currently the best-selling game on Steam

Steam was hit by a survival fever again last weekend. Two days ago, ICARUS was launched, the new title of the creator of DayZ, which brings survival to an alien planet under the pressure of time-limited missions. It can be said that Icarus had a good start, but it depends on the measure taken to define success.

Currently, Icarus is the best-selling game on Steam last weekend. As usual, we don’t have the exact number of copies sold, but we know the game has attracted a solid number of players. The largest number of simultaneously active Icarus players so far was 52,000.

However, players do not currently have much praise for Icarus as only 57% of the six thousand user reviews are positive. The technical condition of the game gets the most complaints. As this is not an early access title, players find Icarus an unjustifiably demanding and optimized game. In addition to atypically high hardware requirements (including 32GB of RAM for enjoyable gaming), players complain that it’s virtually unplayable at the lowest settings because it drastically reduces environmental visibility.

But there are also satisfied players who claim that Icarus has potential and that it is already clear that it will be a fun game when some things stabilize.

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