Gran Turismo 2 - On this day

Gran Turismo 2 - On this day

The first Gran Turismo was a kind of change in the way racing games functioned in the mid-1990s. After that game, everyone expected an even better sequel, but no one hoped that Gran Turismo 2 on the home platform would be without any competition.

We remember Gran Turismo 2 as one of the best driving games in history. At one time it was the game with by far the largest number of vehicles - as many as 650 through 36 different manufacturers. The sequel brought rally competitions, which increased the number of tracks to a total of 27. The game came on two discs - one simulation with career mode, and the other with arcade competitions.

Interestingly, Gran Turismo 2 was launched with several significant bugs that were fixed only in later releases, given that in the era of the first PlayStation there was no patching of games through updates. One of them is the impossibility of one hundred percent completion of the game, given that the percentage for the completion of all competitions stood at 98.2%. But in some versions, this could have been avoided by buying a Subaru car at an early stage of the game. 

After the release, the game received excellent marks and sold millions of copies. By 2008 over nine million copies of the game had been sold, making the GT2 the third best-selling game on the PlayStation 1 platform. He succeeded even though just a year later, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spect was released on the more powerful PlayStation 2 console.

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