PlayStation Now will soon no longer exist - under that name

PlayStation Now will soon no longer exist - under that name

A month ago, we heard a rumor that in the spring of 2022, the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions will merge. There is no official confirmation yet, but here is an unofficial one that strongly suggests that it could happen.

Namely, retailers in the UK have announced that they will withdraw all PlayStation Now vouchers from the sale from the 19th of this month. These vouchers were used by users who did not buy the subscription online (by card) but in cash at the store, either for themselves or as a gift to another.

The PlayStation Now subscription is reportedly supposed to become part of a higher-ranking PlayStation Plus subscription. Sony would thus offer a catalog of games to its subscribers, similar to how Microsoft offers games through the Xbox and PC Game Pass. But unlike the Game Pass, the more expensive PS Plus wouldn’t be getting new Sony games right away on the first day.

PlayStation Now has been known for the last few months as a better offer than PlayStation Plus, at least in terms of the games that come with the subscription. For example, while the old Mortal Kombat 10 was recently shared with PS Plus, PS Now subscribers received the newer Mortal Kombat 11.

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