The single-player component of Star Citizen is not even close to coming out yet

Star Citizen is a special project that has a passionate fan base because it finances the development of single-player and multiplayer components that no longer even have a release date, and it seems that none of them is even close to a 1.0 version. Therefore, space fans who have been waiting for Squadron 42 for a long time, ie the single-player part of the game, will have to be patient for some time.

Namely, Chief Operating Officer Carl Jones said in an interview with MCV that it will take another year or two to complete the development. Just remember how the original plans to go out were for 2016. But at least now we know that Chris Roberts, who will spend a long time in the company of the development team in charge of this space opera, will also help the development. Whether that will help remains to be seen in the next year or two.

What is particularly interesting, Jones said that in the next five-year plan they plan to release a sequel and sequels to Squadron 42. According to their vision, this should be feasible because, in those five years, the main development studio will grow to 1,000 employees.

If nothing else, fans can now at least hope to play Squadron 42 there at the latest sometime during 2024, unless there are new delays. Considering the project is seven years late, the additional two are nothing. Especially since fans continue to fund development, so in the middle to mid-November last year, Star Citizen raised more than $ 400 million. Now that number is approaching 430 million, and that only speaks to how much fans believe in this project.

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