Witchfire, coming out this year - but not in the full version

Witchfire, coming out this year - but not in the full version

In late 2017, we saw the fantasy shooter Witchfire for the first time. Almost five years later we will have the opportunity to play the game, but not in the full version. If all goes according to plan, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Witchfire will first arrive in the Early Access program, primarily because The Astronauts still has only nine developers.

Witchfire will be a single-player shooter fantasy theme. Although it looked like Painkiller's successor to us five years ago, it's a roguelike game, so a closer comparison would be titles like Returnal or Dead Cells. It has been confirmed that they will not have more weight settings than one challenge that will be peppery.


By dying in Witchfire, players will lose most of the items they carry. But unlike some other roguelike-type games, there will be a shelter here where players will be able to store an infinite number of equipment and items. Of course, when you go on an expedition, you will be able to bring a limited amount of equipment.

Witchfire is primarily a shooter in which there will be long-range weapons with the ability to upgrade. An old-school display like in Doom will be added later, where the weapon is placed in the middle of the screen itself. But there will also be the magic that will be based on four elements. These elements will have an impact on the environment, so for example you will be able to use the well-known trick of shocking enemies who stand in puddles, as they usually like to stand.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a gameplay video among the new information, but there are two very short reviews of what awaits us when the early version comes out.

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