Battletoads - On this day

Battletoads  - On this day

There are tough games, and then there is Battletoads. The game in question appeared on this day 28 years ago on European NES consoles, almost two years after its release in the US. The game with three frogs - Rash, Zitz, and Pimple - was created in response to the popular Ninja Turtles and tested the players' skills and reactions through their unforgettable driving sections.

Battletoads was not the first game of the talented Rare studio, but after six years of creation, it was their most successful and most original title to date. During that time the game had a great presentation, both visual and sound, and the fight itself was unique because the characters, for example, would increase their fists and legs when hitting. This stylization of violence was intentional so that the game could be sold to younger ages as well.

Battletoads was shortly after appearing on the NES console port on Sega Mega Drive, Amiga, and Game Gear. It got its spin-off title for GameBoy and then two sequels, including a crossover with the Double Dragon series. Despite its success by the mid-1990s, Battletoads had disappeared even before it was screened in the TV series that was planned.

The Frogs are temporarily back in Rare Replay for Xbox One and guest appearances in the current Killer Instinct. They also returned to the old 2D style in 2020. Frog fans were not thrilled with the new presentation style for modern frogs, as well as some stylistic choices in the appearance of the characters. Still, the game itself (also called Battletoads) eventually received acceptable ratings.

In any case, frogs to this day remain in the memory as a game with one of the most difficult sections in the history of video games. Here's how she mastered the popular Angry Video Game Nerd:

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