Crysis 3 - On this day

Crysis 3 - On this day

The shooting series Crysis has always been synonymous with the fantasy of power, both because of the Nanosuit suit that gave superhuman abilities and because of the graphic dominance of CryEngine. But over the years, the power of Crysis has weakened, and this was most clearly seen in the third part, which appeared on this day exactly nine years ago.

Crysis 3 was in many ways a correction of Crysis 2. In this sequel, an attempt was made to reduce the linearity of the second game and return more open levels from the first part. Crysis 3 thus brought a blend of the classic jungle and urban architecture of New York and gave the main character Prophet new possibilities such as hacking and tearing. In the arsenal of new weapons was the bow with arrows, then very popular in games Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed 3.

Although the game was more open than Crysis 2, it was still divided into levels. Just three months ago, Far Cry 3 came out, which with its open world and advancement system ultimately offered much more than Crysis 3 and technically killed it in the term. She had a game and multiplayer campaign with eight modes and 12 maps, but that didn’t help her much. Crysis 3 sold 250,000 copies in the first month and was considered a fiasco.

The only thing that could not be disputed with Crysis 3 was the excellent graphic presentation, which years later was the benchmark on which the new hardware was tested. The game ended up on consoles in addition to the PC, but in a significantly inferior edition that was improved in 2021 with the arrival of Crysis Remastered. That version of the game ended up not having multiplayer modes.

After Crysis 3, the Crytek development team moved on to new challenges and created the successful multiplayer game Hunt: Showdown. Crysis seemed to be over, but in early 2022, we received confirmation that development on Crysis 4 had begun.

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