Marc Ecko’s Getting Up - On this day

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up - On this day

Wall painting has been seen several times in various games, from GTA: San Andreas to Concrete Genie. But many will agree that to date there is only one game on this topic that is worth mentioning. Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure appeared exactly 16 years ago on PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

It was an action-adventure in which we played Trane, a young man from the dystopian city of New Radius who rebels against oppression and the stifling of creativity by the ruling authorities. The game mechanically emulated the superior GTA, which in many ways failed to emulate, which is why it did not attract the sympathy of reviewers.

The game involved sneaking, fighting with improvised weapons, and, above all, drawing graffiti. For the latter, a system of intuition was used, a kind of sixth sense that showed Trane was to paint graffiti. This was long before many other games began to use similar mechanics.

However, just like its defiant theme, the game was defiantly accepted by a loyal group of fans. That was, among other things, the reason why the license for the game was bought in 2013 after Atari went bankrupt the same year. Mark Ecko has not made a new video game since then, but once claimed that the sequel to Getting Up is in development. Where exactly he got stuck with him - no one knows.

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