The new season in Call of Duty brings armored vehicles and chemical warfare

Judging by the impressions on the internet, a lot of people were looking forward to what would change in the Pacific second season of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. We can say that a mountain of novelties is coming, and this season the focus is on chemical warfare and armored combat vehicles. It has a mountain of content, so accordingly, here is a guide for all of you who belong to those who eagerly await the new season. 

Maps and Modes

Pacific Season 2 in Warzone brings some changes to the Caldera map so from now on you can explore the Chemical Factory, Research Labs, and Rebirth Reinforced, while Vanguard owners will get two new maps - Gondola and Casablanca. For those of you who like to tame zombies, the new Terra Maledicta map will be a refreshment, and with three new arenas, there should be no shortage of fun.

As for the mods, Warzone will get a new mode - Caldera Crush, and it is a team deathmatch with 48 players divided into groups of 4 players. Later in the season, another mode will come for Warzone - Rebirth Iron Trials, which is intended for the most competitive players with increased TTK (Time-to-kill).

On the other hand, in Vanguard, Ranked will be in the Beta phase, and the new Arms Race mode brings us rides on motorcycles, tanks, and armored vehicles, but like Rebirth, it will come during the second season. Detailed information about this mode will come out later.

Chemical War And Armored Vehicles

Nebula V is designed for weapons on a large scale but will be able to be used as ammunition and bombs, although the quantities will be small around Caldera. It should be said that ammunition made from Nebula V will not be stronger than the regular one, but it will have a special effect: once you knock out a player with them, they will emit poisonous smoke around him which makes rescue by his comrades difficult.

The Nebula V bomb is already a little more serious and dangerous - locked in a briefcase once activated, it cannot be deactivated or destroyed. After a fixed countdown, it explodes and inflicts massive damage within a close radius of the detonation and then spreads a poisonous gas that damages any operator who does not wear a gas mask. It should be noted that the Nebula V bomb is one of the rarest things you can find in Warzone.

However, not everything is so black, so "portable decontamination stations" will save from toxic gases by filtering the air, but a bigger problem will be armored transport vehicles that transport this chemical poison. They transport poison around the Caldera, they are unstoppable, they have two machine guns, and they leave mines behind, so be careful, but they also leave some very valuable things if they are destroyed, and the best of them is the Nebula V bomb.

Vehicles And Weapons

In addition to the aforementioned vehicles and weapons of massive power, during the second season, we will be introduced to two additional vehicles - the Bomber in Warzone and the Gamma in Vanguard. The Bomber will be a plane that destroys vehicles and even the Loadout package, so players will have to access a slightly different package near the Bomber. Gamma, on the other hand, will arrive during the season, and it is a jeep.

A repositioning balloon will also be available in Warzone, so players will be able to soar into the air and change their position, which could also be useful against war poisons. As for the weapon itself, we get the KG M40, Whitley, and an ax for pounding on ice.

Operators and Perks

The second season of Pacific Adventure brings three new operators: Thomas and Anna who will be available after the season comes out, and Gustavo who will be coming sometime during the second season. Also, the Zombie mode will get new characters: Zaballa the Deceiver will be the newest enemy, while Vercanna the Last will be the new ally.

Two new fins are coming to us - Armory and Mechanic. While Armory will be a direct opponent of Engineer, ideal for people who don't just use weapons in combat, Mechanic will be oriented towards special accessories and will benefit all those who want to complete the challenges intended for them.

Release date

Although we have mentioned the most important additions and changes in the game, there is still a lot that the second season brings us, so follow this link for more detailed information. When it comes to the release date, the update is again divided into two parts - Vanguard owners will be able to update the game as early as February 10, while the Warzone update will arrive on February 14, after which the second season will officially begin.

To celebrate the release of the second season, you will be able to enjoy double XP points whether you are playing Vanguard multiplayer or Warzone.

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