The PlayStation 5 gets new system functionalities

The PlayStation 5 gets new system functionalities

Sony has provided details on the news and changes brought by the first software update for PlayStation consoles this year. A beta test of a new version of the system is underway, and here's what it brings:

Communication PlayStation 5

  • Voice Chat becomes a Party, and when creating a party you will be able to choose whether it will be closed format (access only by invitation) or open type (anyone from the friend's list can join)
  • Share Play will be able to run directly from the party
  • on the PlayStation 4, you will be able to mute or amplify the sound of each member in the party, as well as on the PS5

Interface PlayStation 5

  • filtering game collections by genres is introduced
  • the main menu gets the option "Keep in Home" with which the games will be permanently able to stay on the list of recently launched games (limited to a maximum of five games at a time)
  • the list of items displayed in the main menu is expanded - a total of 14 games/applications will be able to be displayed
  • the visual design for PS cards that include a trophy list is changing
  • the included settings in the options will have a checkmark displayed to make it clearer that they are enabled

New functionalities PlayStation 5

  • the headphones will be able be set to mono mode so that the sound on both sides is the same
  • The option of voice control is introduced, ie issuing commands to start games, search, control the playback of songs/videos, and it will be activated with the words "Hey, PlayStation!" + corresponding command. However, this will be limited to users with accounts registered in the UK or US.
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