Survarium servers are shutting down

Survarium servers are shutting down

In late 2011, the GSC Game World studio credited with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and most of the team formed the Vostok Games and introduced Stalker’s spiritual successor called Survarium. It was a first-person free-to-play shooter with PvP elements and cooperative play. She started open testing at the beginning of 2015 and did not become famous. Recently, the game has been played by about 500 players a day.

Survarium will no longer have a second chance because it will not even come out of the early access phase. The developers have announced the shutdown of the server, which will happen at the end of the fifth month. They had been considering the move for a long time, postponing it as much as they could, and with a sad heart, decided to send the Survarium to the graveyard of failed games.

In the fourth month, all opportunities for monetization of content will be shut down. For the final greeting of the game, each player will receive 50 thousand gold and 500 thousand silver to try out all possible equipment in the game. There will be a farewell event from the game, after which it will disappear forever from Steam.

From Vostok Games, they then move on to their next project. It will be a high-budget shooter based on some well-known brand. All that is known about this project is that it will have a world that resembles the planet Pandora from the SF series Avatar.

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