The Witcher 3 becomes a different game with this mode

The Witcher 3 becomes a different game with this mode

Witcher fans are probably waiting for the next-gen update of The Witcher 3 to re-engage with Geralt’s adventures. But here’s one reason to get back into the game before that. Last week, Gervant First Person was launched - a mode that switches the game to a first-person view.

I know what you're going to say: why would anyone play Witcher in the first person when playing a game designed for third-person action? The answer is: why not? Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Skyrim have shown us how a first-person camera gives a better sense of presence in the world, ie a dimensionality that we cannot experience through a third-person camera.

In translation, watch the demonstration video of the mentioned mode:

This modification works on the principle of switching views between the first and third person. So, by installing this, you don't lose the ability to play Witcher as before, but you can switch from third person to first person at any time, similar to Elder Scrolls / Fallout games.

Fighting is possible with a camera from Geralt’s eyes, but some things are still done differently. For starters, when you’re in the first person the ability to roll is blocked to avoid an opponent’s attack. The attack controls themselves are linked to movement - for example, a light attack is performed by holding the forward button. There is also a button to attack the spot, i.e. hit without moving.

Conversations with the characters are still performed in the third person. Admittedly, experiments are currently underway to have the conversations run as in The Elder Scrolls games, but that part is not yet complete.

The modification is currently under development, and you can download it on Nexus.

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