Tiny Combat Arena Early Access at the end of the month

Tiny Combat Arena Early Access at the end of the month

Fans of military virtual flying from 22 February will have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the Tiny Combat Arena and embark on various missions and battles in the sky. It is a title that combines simulation elements and an accessible and adaptable experience of air combat. In translation - not a hardcore simulation but an ordinary regiment can enjoy the stylized retro look of the fictional Cold War.

After the release of the early version, Tiny Combat Arena will have two game modes. Quick Mission Builder will be, as its name suggests, creating the missions we want to play, that is, we will be able to influence the various elements that will greet us in the air. Then, there is the Arena, which is a slightly more serious mode because we will have to plan moves according to the strategic map. This means identifying threats, deciding whom to help, and ultimately influencing the outcome of the war.

For fans of military technology, the game will also have a detailed base of available military technology that will not only provide statistics but should also help us overcome various threats.

Since the game first comes into the early program, the Tiny Combat Arena will feature one plane, or Harrier, one instant map, and one arena script. That number will increase over time, and the full version should be played 12 to 18 months after the game becomes available.

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