Intel Introduced the Core i9-12900ks Processor

Intel Introduced the Core i9-12900ks Processor

A few days ago, the first unofficial information about Intel's new processors, Core i9-12900KS, appeared. Yesterday, Intel officially announced and presented these two models as a special edition of the company's already existing processor solutions. Intel with these two processors offers increased operating frequencies for "performance" and "efficiency" cores.

Unlocked Core Intel i9-12900KS processors are the latest solution for all enthusiasts and gamers who want the fastest processor solutions. These processors consist of a total of 16 cores, of which 8 are "performance" cores and 8 "efficiency" cores. So, eight with maximum speed and 8 a little more economical. In addition, there are 24 threads, as well as a maximum turbo frequency of 5.5GHz, with a base consumption of 150W, as well as 30MB of IntelⓇ Smart Cache memory to further improve performance.

So, this is a more powerful version of the already introduced Intel i9-12900K processor that runs at higher frequencies without the additional need for overclocking. In essence, this is a demonstration of what the base model of this series of processors is capable of in ideal cooling conditions and with a user increase in the frequency of work on compatible motherboards.

The main differences between these two processor models are in the table below:


Intel Core i9-12900KS

Intel Core i9-12900K

E-core base frequency

2.5 GHz (+100 MHz)

2.4 GHz

E-core maximum frequency

4.0 GHz (+100 MHz)

3.9 GHz

P-core fundamental frequency

3.4 GHz (+200 MHz)

3.2 GHz

P-core maximum frequency

5.2 GHz (+100 MHz)

5.1 GHz

Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 maximum speed

5.3 GHz (+100 MHz)

5.2 GHz

Max frequency (two cores)

5.5 GHz (+300 MHz)

5.2 GHz

Basic consumption

150 W

125 W

What can be concluded is that these two processors are almost identical, with obvious differences in operating frequencies. According to current Intel, this processor solution should go on sale on April 5, at a suggested retail price of $ 739.

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