The New Skate Is Progressing Well

The new Skate is progressing well

It’s been almost two years since it was announced that the acclaimed Skate series will return. Although we know the game is coming, we haven't seen it yet and we don't know what the new Electronic Arts team is actually preparing for us. But it is possible that we will find out soon.

Namely, there are rumors that the new Skate has started internal testing in its PC version on the Origin. This means that the game is made at least so much that it is playable to some level, which is also an indication that it could be close to the first presentation.

Electronic Arts has already confirmed that it will not have a group presentation of its games this summer, but will present them individually. Therefore, it is to be expected that the new Skate could be among those individually presented games.

The series itself has been on break for almost 12 years after three well-received games. The return of the series will be a kind of reboot, based on the open world and cross-platform multiplayer. Of the confirmed new mechanics, for now, we only know about the possibility of climbing the ramps.

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