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Games like Borderlands deserve a special place in the hearts of FPSs fans who have always wondered what it would be like if the Diablo loot system was implemented in a shooter. Gearbox listened to us and released a cult hit and trilogy (plus prequel) that, with its mechanics and even crazier humor, made millions of people around the world laugh and have fun. During the break while we are all waiting for Borderlands 4, Gearbox delighted us with another D&D like adventure and after Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland saw the light of day.

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Assault on Dragon Keep was left a bit in the shadow of other border guards, but fans of the D&D world enjoyed it and eagerly awaited new outbursts and broke out our dear hysterical and charismatic Tiny Tina. Wonderlands took that recipe and drastically improved it. The narrative is a completely liberated Megacorporation from the Borderlands world and the main story. 

Wonderlands can best be described as Borderlands but with medieval skins. There are weapons with comic brand names like Valora, Bonk, Swift and Kleave so you can know in advance what kind of weapon it is. Other weapons are not worth talking about, because again you will find a randomizer with millions of options and weapon specifications that will put a smile on your face every time. Special skills are there for every class, but since it's the Middle Ages, grenades didn't exist, so you have spells instead. The energy shield is now Ward so all the mechanics are there. for your entertainment.

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Although Wonderlands is similar to Borderlands games, that won't stop you from enjoying a technically new game. In the absence of antagonists from the original franchise, Tiny Tina did her best to make that factor even crazier and more comical. The whole concept of the game was spiced up with Dungeons and Dragons tabletop mechanics but for obvious reasons, it was renamed Bunkers and Badasses where Tiny Tina is the game master.

The world itself is ingeniously designed so that you will see a depiction of the medieval world with a river of spilled cans, pieces of chips blocking your path, and much more. Armies of skeletons, bandits, magicians, and some other very specific characters are waiting for you, depicting the state of mind of Tiny Tina (since a zombie gunner with a rifle is a normal phenomenon in the Middle Ages).

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The default D&D story is about a group of heroes who embark on an adventure to save the world, but the narration of Tiny Tina makes everything extremely original and fun. Graphically, you don't have anything that will fascinate you too much, but every other aspect of the game will either keep you riveted from the action or you'll laugh at the outbursts of Bunkers and Badasses world participants.

Every trick and mistake that happens in the D&D world is there, which will make this adventure fun unpredictable. In the middle of the story, Tiny Tina will remember that she was supposed to throw an army of opponents on the field so that you get a ruined world full of violence in a second from the beautiful landscape. The new mechanics are Overworld where your character moves on a big map after which you decide to switch to a first-person mode where you solve everything by violence and solving the opponents of their lives.

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For all tablet lovers, Wonderlands has made an effort to offer a huge number of classes, but when you get to level 10, you can also choose a subclass that will bring an original flair to your game. The action is the same as in Borderlands 3, so shooting with opponents will be the same if not better. Although there are some "recycled" weapons from the original, there are a handful of new toys that will wipe opponents off the table of this tablet.

The essential thing and charm of Borderlands games is a humor and in Wonderlands, Gearbox has surpassed itself. Opponent comments, Tiny Tina's chatter, discussions between the protagonist and his comrades-in-arms will keep you laughing, which was a bit lacking in the original franchise due to the somewhat serious scenario the players were in, so this stand-alone is more than a welcome sequel. There is generally no person to whom I cannot recommend Tiny Tina Wonderlands. For shooter lovers, you have a great Borderlands recipe, for D&D world lovers you have many treats, and for humor lovers, there are indescribably fun, crazy, and charismatic characters that you will constantly come across.

Get ready for quality action with millions of weapons, dragons, skeletons, and other medieval fantasy creatures, and enjoy the great humor that Gearbox has prepared for you.
  • Characters in the game
  • Humor
  • Proven Borderlands style of action
  • Graphically, the game will reject some
  • Confusing game menu
  • Which weapon should I choose?
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