Two-Dimensional Platformer The Cub Has Announced

Two-Dimensional Platformer The Cub Has Announced

Belgrade's Demagog studio became famous with the mobile game Golf Club Wasteland, which was later transferred to other platforms. Now they have announced that in the post-apocalyptic world these games will remain in their next game called The Cub, it will only change the genre.

The Cub is a 2D platformer that is said to be inspired by 1990s classics such as The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and Lion King. The game is described as a combination of the Jungle Book and post-apocalyptic themes. There are similarities with Disney material in the story itself because here we control a boy who grew up in the wild.

An unnamed boy has developed immunity on Earth that has been hit by an environmental disaster and exterminated humanity. When the elite who sought salvation on Mars returned to Earth decades later, the boy awakens their interest because of his immunity, so they try to catch him.

The Cub will bring gameplay in which we will avoid wild animals with various acrobatics, solve spatial puzzles and discover the story behind the destroyed world in which, just like in Golf Club Wasteland, you can see some objects from Serbia. Music will also play a significant role in the game and we will be listening to Radio Nostalgia From Mars again.

The Cub has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and Nintendo Switch. The launch date of the game is not yet known.

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