Urban Venture will take us through realistic Barcelona

Urban Venture will take us through realistic Barcelona

"Have you ever thought about being a taxi driver?" - the Simteract development team asks us. No matter what I thought - it has been in my CV since the 1990s that I was a taxi driver in Crazy Taxi. But the team is asking seriously so we will put frivolous answers aside. If you’ve ever thought about what it’s like to be a taxi driver, then Urban Venture will be your new game.

The just-announced Urban Venture will convey the life of a taxi driver in a realistic environment. We will face traffic jams, stormy weather, traffic accidents and the worst plague of all - impatient customers waiting for transport.

Urban Venture will drive through the streets of virtual Barcelona, ​​which the developers say is a 1: 1 copy of a real Spanish city with over 200 cultural landmarks. This will be a simulation game in which we will run our taxi company, with realistic traffic behavior, all traffic rules, pedestrian simulation, and weather conditions. It will go to the level that we will have to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle so that the customers would not be cold or hot, but just like that - comfortable.

Urban Venture will have a system of tasks through which we will develop our taxi company. But if you just want to drive Barcelona without worries and wit, there will also be a Free Ride mode without a load.

The game will come to life on PC first through early access, and this will happen sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. Barcelona will not be the only city in the game, but other locations will come only later, ie in the full version of the game. is at least two, if not three, years away.

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