Conan - On This Day

Conan - On This Day

Conan the barbarian is a fictional character that we often see in movies, TV series, comics, and video games under the classification of heroic fiction. It is no exaggeration to say that this great warrior is one of the most famous and unrecognizable icons in modern popular culture, and interestingly he was created by the American writer Robert E. Howard in 1932.

As for video games, Conan the Barbarian has told his myths in eight different titles, one of which was launched today for PC, Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 consoles. Namely, it is about Conan from 2004, an action-adventure with RPG elements.

This title takes place in a mythical period that originates from original books and comics and is known as the Hibori Age. His fate, 18 years ago, led him on a path of revenge towards the mysterious cult of Culture, which burned down Conan's home before his eyes. Conan’s life since then has been based on hack and slash fighting in real-time, but also solving puzzles.

The game had over 70 levels, 12 boss battles, and 14 different weapons that could be beaten. There was also a multiplayer mode - at least for a while until its servers were shut down. 16 maps and 16 playable characters were available in multiplayer. Although Conan then picked up barely average ratings, his story in video games is still alive, and currently, the most current title that follows his adventures is Conan Exiles, a game about survival in the open world.

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