Elden Ring on PC got a permanent and full co-op mode

Elden Ring on PC got a permanent and full co-op mode

Elden Ring initially can play cooperatively, so in certain parts of the game, you invite another player to your instance. Some players have even built an image by helping others deal with certain opponents in the game. But most of the adventure in the Elden Ring is something that the player has to go through alone - there is no possibility that the player has an "escort" all the time. At least not in the standard version of the game.

If you’ve ever wished Elden Ring could play “with a team,” you’ll be glad to hear that a Seamless co-op mode has appeared that allows for cooperative play in a group of up to four players. The mod is still in beta, ie. in testing, but theoretically provides most of the functionality for all players in the session. All players can respawn after death, everyone can ride Torrent, everyone can synchronize the markers on the map, and most impressive of all - everyone individually remembers the progress of the game.

So, if you defeat a boss in a co-op, you can continue the game on your own, and that boss will be defeated. Of course, all the progress made for the character is transferred. To make things even more impressive, 2-4 players don’t have to work together at all - everyone can go their own way.

Now, the game is a little easier when played in the company. However, the creator of fashion has prepared some things that balance the weight to some extent. For example, if you play in threes or fours, the enemies get harder. Dying in co-op mode automatically gives players a plague that manifests itself randomly through one of five species with negative statistics. Respawning in boss battles is not possible until all players are killed or the boss is killed.

Sounds great, but where's the catch? As with all modifications for the Elden Ring, the Seamless co-op mode cannot be played on official servers. This means that there are no invasions of other players, famous "try finger" messages, or some other things. It is also not possible to use the recorded position from the co-op session on the official servers, but it must be a separate recorded game. It’s not ideal, but hey - it’s amazing that this kind of thing is available at all.

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