GT recommends: Dorfromantik

GT recommends: Dorfromantik

A simple but addictive concept - this is in the shortest description Dorfromantik, a game that combines strategic and puzzle elements in the form of stacking different types of tiles. Forest, grain, houses, water, or railroad - all these are tiles whose joining of the same edges make Dorfomatik an incredibly relaxing experience. For Civilization games it is said “just one more move” and for Dorfromantik there will be “just one more tile”.

What is Dorfromantik?

  • Combination of strategic and puzzle elements - Imagine a board game, only in virtual form. The goal is to connect the same edges of the tiles while planning how each one will build on the string that grows and grows and grows. However, some tiles have their own rules of installation, such as rail or water, so sometimes you need to break your string because you don’t want to set a trap for yourself. Super simple and super fun concept.
  • A completely relaxing experience - Pleasant visual style, relaxing atmosphere, and that "plonk" sound of joining tiles make playing this title as if it were a virtual meditation. Even short plays can be pleasantly relaxing. Dorfromantik is a title that relaxes gray cells, but at the same time entertains them. No matter what the result looks like, you just can't get out of the game and be angry or nervous.

  • A city builder who is not - Although the official description says that this title belongs to the city-builder genre, it could not be completely classified there. True, here we put together our village and surroundings, but there is no classic construction and the like that would be expected from the aforementioned genre. But in the end, when you look at the result, whether in classic or creative mode, construction on the one hand exists. Only in one mode it will not be completely best planned, and in another, it can be superbly planned.

Why should I play Dorfromantik?

  • Addictive tile stacking - The simplicity of the concept makes the game super addictive. For an added challenge in stacking, there is also a random generation of tiles that the game serves us so that there is always uncertainty about planning. This is followed by the tasks that certain tiles have, and with which we win new tiles, but it depends on which game mode it is. The combination of all of the above allows us to say to ourselves just one more time, especially when it comes to seeing how we could break our record of points scored.

Dorfromantik pic 2

  • Multiple game modes - From classic mode in which we break our record to creative in which we have unlimited tiles to create the ultimate relaxing location. There is also a monthly competition based on a fixed number of tiles, and the goal is to score as many points as possible. There is also a fast mode for short rounds of stacking, as well as a heavy mode in which stacking and planning are most pronounced because there are fewer tasks and the tiles are more complex. The last is the custom mode within which we set our own rules, and we can share them with others.

  • Fun unlock new tiles - In addition to standard tasks, there are special fields that have more difficult tasks. Such tasks can significantly disrupt planning, especially if one is going to break a record, but they are fun because they require a different approach. There are also additional side tasks, such as setting a certain number of tiles, completing a certain number of tasks, and the like, and it all ends organically. It’s nice to see when the game announces that we’ve solved some challenge that wasn’t even thought of at all because it fits in perfectly with the relaxing gameplay.

Where will I find Dorfromantik?

Dorfromantik is currently available on Steam and for $ 13. A Nintendo Switch version is planned, but there is currently no new information on when the tiles could be stacked on the go.

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