Silent Hill 3 - On This Day

Silent Hill 3 - On This Day

The Silent Hill series 19 years ago was highly regarded among players. The cult duo was followed by the third part, which followed the action with the first… yes, it was a bit of a strange decision. In any case, Team Silent provided us with another great horror adventure, although even then they began to diverge, and fewer people worked on the game than in the second part.

Silent Hill 3 was the first game in the series to put us in the role of a female character, the protagonist Heather Mason. As a teenager, Heather looked quite helpless and fragile, and the developers wanted to instill a sense of vulnerability in the psyche of the players. The story was inspired by Jacob’s Ladder from 1990, and most of the characters were designed after Hollywood actors (Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore, etc.)

    The story of Silent Hill 3 was inspired by Jacob’s Ladder, and most of the characters are designed after Hollywood actors.

The trio did not bring significant changes in the gameplay formula of previous games, but they presented some opponents that we can rank among the scariest in the series. It can be said that this part was the last classic Silent Hill because some new ideas started already in the quartet.

The game received very good reviews after its release, but not as great as its predecessor. In addition to the PlayStation 2 version, it was also released in the PC edition. Sales were unfortunately not impressive, and the SH3 was delivered in less than a million copies. In 2012, the HD version for PS3 and X360 consoles was released, but due to the technical incompleteness of that edition, the original remained the recommended version for gaming.

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