Sens Is the New Operative at Rainbow Six Siege

Sens Is the New Operative at Rainbow Six Siege

Last night's Six Major in Charlotte eSports fans provided a great match between DarkZero and Astralis that ended 3-2 with a score. However, what was also awaited was the introduction of a new season called Vector Glare.

Vector Glare will bring with it several things that will improve the gaming experience, and the most important to mention is certainly the arrival of Sens, the new operative. The Belgian operative will be on the side of the attacker and carries the R.O.U. Projector System. It is a small thing that rolls on the floor and emits thick green smoke that reduces the visibility of the defense, but also the attack.

The Projector System is irresistibly reminiscent of Viper's ability from Valorant, so it's no surprise that Ubisoft was immediately accused of copying things from other games.

Sens has several weapons in his arsenal. It should be noted that it comes with a brand new POF-9 rifle that can be replaced with a 417 DMR. In the secondary choice of weapons, they were awarded SDP 9mm and Gonne-6. He also carries with him tools for breaking through walls and claymore.

In addition to Sens, a new map is coming in the second season of the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege. However, the Close Quarter, as its name implies, is not designed for the classic Siege mode, but will be used exclusively in the new Team Deathmatch. It is made for quick navigation in space, something that classic maps do not have. It is located in Greece and in its spare time serves as a training camp for Siege operatives.

A new addition to the game will be the shooting range, which the whole community has been calling for several years. There, players will be able to practice how to overcome gun jerks. They will also be able to adjust the distance of targets and test how accurate they are and how much damage they do with certain weapons. Some operatives will also get a choice of third secondary weapons, especially those who lost one gun with the addition of Gonne-6 weapons.

All the changes and innovations that come with the Vector Glare season will be available on test servers from tomorrow. Vector Glare arrives in the full version of the game on June 7 - exactly two weeks after arriving on the test servers.

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