The First Image From the New Horror Game the Callisto Protocol

The First Image From the New Horror Game the Callisto Protocol

Over the next few days, we should get an insight into the upcoming game The Callisto Protocol, an SF horror film signed by Dead Space franchise creator Glen Schofield. Namely, Game Informer magazine has arranged an exclusive unveiling of the game from May 24, and now we have two pictures from the game showing the protagonist and some creatures they will encounter.

The protagonist of this game will be called Jacob Lee and his task will be to get a living head out of the suspicious Black Iron Prison, located on Jupiter's moon Callisto. Game Informer says that The Callisto Protocol will be a "different beast" from Dead Space with which it shares the main director, but the picture already shows some similarities in the design of the opponent (deformed people).

Potentially the greatest similarity is seen in the fact that the main character on the back of the neck has a luminous indicator of the state - physical or mental, it is not entirely clear. It was Dead Space that was specific to such an interface because it used the protagonist's spine to convey information about his energy level to the player. However, this solution is more reminiscent of Splinter Cell, where this green light was used on the character's neck so that the player would not "lose" it in the dark.

Callisto Protocol

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