Wolfenstein 3D - On This Day

Wolfenstein 3D - On This Day

In 1981, the former US development team Muse Software introduced the first Wolfenstein video game to the gaming population, which bore fruit for the creation of the eponymous series. Muse classified the first two titles, Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, as 2D games stealth approach top-down perspective. However, five years after the closure of the studio, the Wolfenstein franchise went to the American developer id Software, who transformed it into fast-paced action.

In particular, exactly 30 years ago, Wolfenstein 3D was launched, one of the most influential video games in the history of gaming. Namely, the third part of the popular franchise is considered the main culprit in popularizing the genre of first-person shooters, but also in establishing standards for future action titles. Also, for the first time, Wolf3D introduced the protagonist of the entire series by name and surname - William B.J. Balzkowicz.

The story of the video game, which celebrates its 30th birthday today, is divided into two sets of three episodes or, more simply, into six parts that follow Blazkowicz, an American spy with Polish roots in his efforts to overthrow the Nazi regime. The Prequel trilogy deals with stopping Nazi plans for chemical warfare, while the original trilogy begins with our hero escaping from Wolfenstein Castle, after which he finds and destroys Nazi plans to create an army of the undead, only to face Adolf Hitler himself in a bunker under the Reichstag.

Anyway, Grandpa 3D Shooter picked up numerous accolades and awards for the best action game and most innovative title in 1992, and critical and commercial success only proved how many developers John Romero and designer Tom Hall did a good job by switching Wolfenstein 3D to Carmack's mover to be fast and violent, unlike other computer games at the time.

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