The view of Zero Hour, the first season of Battlefield 2042, has arrived

The view of Zero Hour, the first season of Battlefield 2042, has arrived

Are better times coming for Battlefield 2042? We will soon know the answer to that question when the team starts testing all the changes and improvements that arrived in the 1.0.0 upgrade. Namely, before the first season called Zero Hour sees the light of day, DICE has prepared various improvements that should guide the game. on the right path ”.

These include several significant improvements in the animation and movement of soldiers, as well as an improved network structure when firing. There’s more balance on weapons as well as new XP bonuses like participating in vehicle damage that is later destroyed by comrades.

There are other changes, such as more vehicles available in Conquest mode, as well as changes to Sundance's wingsuit and specialization. You can see all the other changes and improvements in the change log, and there are quite a few.

As for the new content that will be available from June 9, Zero Hour has a few things to show. This includes a new Exposure map that features mountain shootings and an emphasis on verticality. There is also a new specialist Ewelina Lis whose task will be to destroy vehicles with the help of G-84 TGM rocket launchers.

From the new equipment, we will be greeted by two weapons and two new aircraft. Not too much would be said, but all this will be accompanied by the Battle Pass, which will be available in free and paid versions. As previously announced, the team that bought the Gold and Ultimate versions will automatically get access to the premium prizes of the first season of Battle Pass.

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