Hyenas shooter announced, in which we rob billionaires from Mars

Hyenas shooter announced, in which we rob billionaires from Mars

Studio Creative Assembly is changing genres again. From the team that delivered the unforgettable horror adventure Alien: Isolation and the already forgotten strategy game Halo Wars 2 now we have multiplayer first-person shooters. It will be called Hyenas and will be in PvEvP format - similar to the popular games Hunt: Showdown or Escape from Tarkvo.

Her premise is that billionaires have colonized Mars, and we are space pirates who will rob them on the way there. But not all pirates agree, but everyone pulls to their side, which means that we will have matches in which 15 players divided into five teams (three each) fight to steal as much booty as possible and escape back to their aircraft.

In addition to having to watch out for opposing teams, players need to be wary of robotic AI guards on ships. The ships we are looting will have all sorts of traps, but also areas of zero gravity. An interesting plot is that the items we steal will be artifacts of popular culture, not money or anything like that. There will be everything from Rubik's Cubes, Sony's Walkman, and plastic green soldiers.

Hyenas will have several playful characters, and for now, The Pro, Commander Wright, and Doc Hotfix have been confirmed. The game is thought to have three classes with a mantra that describes their style of play. The Engage class is for open conflict, the Evade class is for quick movement and hiding, and the Exploit class is for hacking and helping others.

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