Next year we unravel the mystery in The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Next year we unravel the mystery in The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Fans of Metroidvania games should keep an eye on The Last Case of Benedict Fox which looks promising, not only because of the visual side but also because of the emphasis on the story that will greet us. Especially if you are attracted to supernatural mysteries because this is by no means an ordinary case.

Benedict Fox takes us into an unusual world that will not be procedurally generated, and the structure belongs to the already mentioned Metroidvania style. In addition to researching and solving puzzles, the plot will revolve around secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and of course - cold-blooded murders.

The hero of this platformer will also have a companion Companion or a demon attached to him. It is he who will make it possible to explore the minds of the recently deceased to obtain the final "testimony". As is usually the case, such research takes us into surreal worlds where memory, emotions, and trauma take on physical form and become adversaries.

Fighting is also a significant element of the game, and Companion will also be helpful. By combining firearms with demonic skills, we will be able to use the environment to our advantage. Investigation of this case begins in the spring of 2023 when The Last Case of Benedict Fox arrives on the PC and Xbox Series platforms with the ability to play from day one on the Game Pass.

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