Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales are coming to PC

Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales are coming to PC

Somewhat surprisingly, Sony has announced the arrival of Spider-Man games on the PC platform! Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC thus arrives on August 12, 2022, while Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will follow later this fall, also this year.

It has been confirmed that PC versions will have support for mouse and keyboard gaming, as well as improved ray-tracing reflections. In terms of content, Spider-Man Remastered will bring the main campaign with three DLCs from The City Never Sleeps series in one package.

Sony took this opportunity to thank everyone who gave Spider-Man a chance on PlayStation consoles. They also revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man games have sold more than 33 million copies by May 15 this year.

The sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man is already in development, and now it’s likely that it could one day appear on the PC platform as well. The same goes for Wolverine, who is also in development with the Insomniac team. Until now, it seemed that Spider-Man would not swing outside the PlayStation platform due to potential details in the contract with Marvel, but now it is clear that this is not the case.

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