Company of Heroes 3 got a release date, coming later this year

Company of Heroes 3

Good news is coming for strategy fans. After Homeworld 3 was moved to next year, we will be playing Company of Heroes 3 at the end of this year. More precisely, tactics and military outwitting will begin on 11/17 when the game arrives on PC, and that's not the only news we've learned.

The company of Heroes 3 will have two different campaigns upon release. In addition to the previously presented Italian one, which will have a dynamic concept, we will also have the opportunity to go to North Africa. Unlike hilly Italy, military operations in the desert area will take place in a classic, linear style, as it was in the previous two games.

The discovery of a new area of warfare also introduced a new faction – the Deutsches Afrikakorps, so Company of Heroes 3 will have four different armies to play with upon release. American and British forces, the Wehrmacht, and the aforementioned African version. Multiplayer will also be an important segment, so it will be possible to play cooperatively against artificial intelligence or other generals, either independently or as a team in 4vs4 conflicts.

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