The game Republique is shared for free

The game Republique is shared for free

The topic of social surveillance was relevant in 2015 when the game Republique was released, and it could be said that it is even more relevant today. So the good news is that you can get the said game for free in the PC edition. To celebrate Team Camouflaj's tenth birthday, the game is being shared on Steam, so hurry up while the offer lasts.

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Republique is a stealth adventure that talks about freedom in a dystopian society with autocratic rule. in the closed society of the "Republic", most literary classics and indie video games are forbidden to people. However, there is resistance to this in the Republic, as the girl Hope will find out, who will lead this resistance with the help of the player himself.

The player is present here as an invisible hacker. His task is to open the way for the girl and dictate to her how to avoid the guards who are hunting her for reading forbidden works. The basis of the game is to hack cameras with one click - similar to Watch Dogs, then unlock doors and solve some puzzles.

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