Game Pass becomes "cheaper" with a new option - if you have someone to share it with

Game Pass becomes "cheaper" with a new option - if you have someone to share it with

There have been rumors for some time that Xbox and PC Game Pass subscriptions will get a "family bundle" option. Now it has been confirmed because Microsoft has started testing a new form of Game Pass subscription in the markets of Ireland and Colombia.

The idea is that you can share one Game Pass subscription with four other Microsoft accounts, or four other people. As things stand now, the only restriction is that these people must be users within the same region where you have Game Pass activated.

It is not yet known what the price of "Game Pass for the team" will be, but it will be somewhat more expensive than the subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. During the testing period, one month of the Ultimate subscription will be converted into 18 days of Game Pass "for the team", which means that the potential price of the new package could be 60% higher.

Although this subscription option will be even more expensive, it can ultimately bring greater savings if multiple users agree to each pay their share. In this case, Game Pass will become even cheaper for the end user. Technically, it is still possible to share subscription costs, but then you have to share a single user account, which you shouldn't with the new option.

By the way, Xbox is not the only one that has this option. Nintendo Switch Online has a family subscription that you can share with others. It is more expensive than the individual one by $15 per year, but it allows sharing the subscription with up to seven players, i.e. separating user accounts.

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