A certified Huawei 135W charger, it could come with the P 50 phone line

Huawei 135W charger for P 50 phone line

During 2020, we had the opportunity to see the first phones that offered the option of charging a battery of over 100W, and it is expected that this trend will continue during 2021.

A new certificate on the 3C listing in China reveals that a 135W Huawei charger, bearing the HW-200675CP0 model designation, is in preparation.

It can be seen that the model supports 5V / 3A charging, up to 220V / 6.75A, which indicates a 135W charging rate. The strongest that Huawei currently offers is the Huawei SuperCharge with support for 66W charging, so the new charger would help the brand catch up with companies like Xiaomi or iQOO that already offer phones that come with 120W chargers in the package.

Based on early rumors, the new 135W charger could debut with the upcoming Huawei P50 phone line.


Source: GSMArena

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