Free Horizon: Zero Dawn for PS4 (does not require PS Plus)

Free to share Horizon: Zero Dawn for PS4

Finally, what was promised earlier has come - Horizon: Zero Dawn can be purchased completely free of charge in the PlayStation 4 version. is non-binding, like all previous ones as part of the "Play at Home" campaign.

The good news is that Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition is being shared, a version of the game that includes an expansion of The Frozen Wilds. And the good news is that you have almost a month to add the game to your collection as the offer will run until May 14th.

Get Horizon: Zero Dawn for free

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of Sony's most widely accepted games from the PlayStation 4 era. It's an action adventure in the open world where the heroine Aloy seeks to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse caused by a mechanized army of robot-shaped animals.

Unfortunately, Horizon has not received any upgrade for the PlayStation 5 so far, so the game on that console runs the same as on the PlayStation 4 Pro - at 30 frames per second. Anyway, even today it is one of the most beautiful games in the open world, and who knows - maybe the game on PS5 will one day get the treatment it has in the PC version.

By the way, the offer is still valid where you can get nine free games for PS4 / PS VR, including Subnautica, Abza, Astro Bota and other titles. If you haven’t added those games to your collection yet, you can do so no later than Friday, April 23 at 5 p.m.

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