Pac-Man 99, battle royale came out

Pac-Man 99 battle royale Nintendo Switch

The legendary Pac-Man got its "battle royale" game called Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle last year, but only on the Google Stadia platform, which is not available to us. Today, the Yellow Eater gets another multiplayer game of a similar concept - Pac-Man 99.

This version of Pac-Man will be familiar to anyone who has played Tetris 99 or Super Mario 35 on the Nintendo Switch. And by the way - it is also exclusive for the owners of the Switch, ie subscribers of the Nintendo Online service.

So, 99 players play Pac-Man at the same time and the goal is the same as in other battle royale games - to last long enough to stay last. The trick is that you can send opponents to other players when you "eat" yours. Of course, the opposite is also true, so others send you their opponents in the form of so-called Jammers that don’t kick you out of the game but slow you down.

The player can choose between three power-ups (eg acceleration) and four strategies (to whom he will send opponents). The key to gameplay is in collecting ghosts in a row, which you can then eat and send to other players.

The Pac-Man 99 is available today and is free to all Switch Online subscribers. Otherwise the game cannot be obtained.

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