Check out what's new and improved in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster

Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster Improvment

We have already heard about the changes and novelties of the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition. We know that most changes will be given to the original game and that some camera angles in conversations will be thrown out. However, now Electronic Arts and BioWare have published an extremely detailed insight into almost everything they have changed.

Legendary Edition changes:

  • Shepard can now sprint in the middle of a fight
  • melee attacks have their button and are no longer automatic
  • aiming with the camera closer is more accurate
  • in the first Mass Effect, all enemies now receive headshot damage
  • all classes can now use all weapons without penalties
  • inventory management in the first game is improved with the function of sorting, marking items as garbage, and converting to Omni-gel or group sales
  • in the first game, comrades-in-arms can be given orders individually
  • shooting from the shelter has been improved in all three games, some new objects have been added that allow entry into the shelter
  • SUV Mako from the first game now does not slip as before, his shields fill faster, has the option of acceleration, and no longer gives automatic Mission Failure if you touch the lion
  • new achievements have been added for all three games, some are shared among all games
  • the sound has been improved in all three games
  • added support for controller, 21: 9 monitors, and DirectX 11
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