A new generation of Windows will be announced soon

A new generation of Windows will be announced soon

Microsoft’s Build conference was held yesterday during which President Satya Nadella announced major changes for Windows. This refers to Windows 10, but Nadella mentions the new generation of Windows, so it's all a bit strange. In any case, Microsoft says that it will deliver the most significant updates for Windows in the last ten years and that it will reveal everything very soon.

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He can already sense some upcoming changes and novelties. This year, Windows 10 will get the so-called Sun Valley Update, which will modernize the system design and add some new options such as news in the taskbar.

Furthermore, it was said that a major redesign of the Microsoft Store is being prepared and it is speculated that Microsoft will open the door to more applications, including those not made for the UWP platform. Earlier, they announced that they would reduce the commission they take for the sale of games from 30% to 12%.

Of the changes regarding gaming on the PC platform, Microsoft is planning two significant things. Windows 10 will receive support in the future for the option to automatically apply HDR in games that do not have native HDR support. This technology was developed for Xbox Series consoles and will soon be applied to PC as well. The same goes for DirectStorage technology to load games faster, also developed for Xbox Series consoles.

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