Phantom Abyss has been announced

Phantom Abyss has been announced

At a time when every other battle royale is a shooter game, fresh ideas like Fall Guys resonate strongly. Devolver Digital is hoping for the same effect for the new Phantom Abyss game. This is not a battle royale title, let's be clear, but it is a kind of multiplayer game that, like Fall Guys, has a competitive aspect, slightly different from the rest of the offer.

Namely, the asynchronous multiplayer Phantom Abyssa works so you don’t play with other players at the same time, but you see footage of them playing. The game puts you in a procedurally generated temple full of traps, with the task of finding hidden objects. You only have one chance to find the Legendary Relic by which that temple becomes yours, if you die - you will never visit that temple again.

Now, this is where the footage of other players who tried to conquer a certain temple helps or retaliates. The real-time game displays up to 20 “phantoms,” or shots of other players, so you can learn from their mistakes to get further than they came.

Phantom Abyss will be played in the first person and is essentially a race to conquer a particular temple sooner, with you not racing with others in real-time but the game pulling footage of their playing. You can, in turn, share codes for specific levels with your friends and challenge them to try to resolve them.

Phantom Abyss has been announced for PC and will be released in early access form during the sixth month of this year.

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