Nightmare Creatures II - On this day

Nightmare Creatures II - On this day

At the beginning of this century, there weren’t very many opportunities for horror games to break into the market next to Resident Evil and Silent Hill. But by some miracle, French developer Kalisto Entertainment managed to raise a budget for Nightmare Creatures II, a sequel to the relatively unknown survival horror game of 1997. The sequel was completed and launched on this day 21 years ago.

The play put us in the role of Herbert Wallace, a patient of a hospital where mutants were created. Wrapped in bandages, Wallace embarks on a revenge mission in which he searches for Adam Crowley, the occultist and main villain of the last part. Nightmare Creatures II had rather brutal gameplay and led the players towards various executions similar to the fatalities from Mortal Kombat.

All of this was accompanied by music by Rob Zombie, at least in animated sequences. Unfortunately, even the cult Rob Zombie failed to save the game from average ratings.

The failure of the game marked the death of the series, although it seemed that it would be resurrected when it was announced in 2017 that work was being done on a remake of the first part. But according to information from 2020, the project has finally been put on hold, and it is questionable whether work will ever continue on it.

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