Doom Eternal gets support for raytracing, see what it looks like

Doom Eternal gets support for raytracing

New games with support for raytracing effects are still arriving on the dropper, so Nvidia is happy to present the news whenever an older title gets a graphics upgrade. The latest case is Doom Eternal, which will get its enhanced visual release sometime in the future, and has now premiered what it will look like. In short, clear reflections of lasers and other light sources will be seen on metal and other surfaces.

In addition to the raytracing effects, Doom Eternal will also get support for Nvidia's DLSS, but it won't be the only game in the series. Better performance thanks to DLSS can be expected in the games: Red Dead Redemption 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Icarus, The Ascent, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Dying: 1983, and The Persistence.

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