Vigilante 8 - On this day

Vigilante 8 - On this day

In the mid-1990s, the genre of wheel warfare was dominated by the then Twisted Metal. But it did not lack competition. The game Interstate ’76 for PC resulted in a spin-off console rush called Vigilante 8, and it was this game that came out on this day exactly 23 years ago.

Vigilante 8 gave us outlaws in armed vehicles to control. The store was set in the alternative year 1975 during a global crisis caused by a shortage of petroleum products. America is in trouble because it is being terrorized by a group called the Coyotes while the Vigilantes group is fighting to maintain order in a crumbling state.

The order was introduced by force, using machine guns mounted on vehicles. In addition to machine guns, three other types of weapons could be added to the vehicles, including mines, rocket launchers, etc. The game had 12 different vehicles, each with special weapons, and a total of ten maps of well-known locations in the American West, such as Hoover Dam and Area 51. 

Interestingly, only five people worked on this game. Fortunately, their efforts were recognized, and the game received very good marks after its release. A sequel followed immediately the following year, but then the game's creators were allowed to work on the Star Wars series and have not returned to Vigilante since. In 2008, the game experienced a kind of remake called Vigilante 8 Arcade, exclusively for the Xbox 360 console.

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