Trine - On this day

Trine - On this day

Over the past decade, the digital distribution of games on consoles has paved the way for numerous independent production titles. Among them, Trine stood out 13 years ago, a two-dimensional platformer that imaginatively combined spatial puzzles and action. Trine followed the story of three heroes: a knight, a thief, and a wizard, on their adventure of saving the kingdom.

Each character had their powers that came to the fore in cooperative acting. The knight was skilled at blocking attacks, the thief had a bow and arrow, and the wizard could create boxes from the air. Some of the most interesting puzzles in the game were based on Nvidia's Physx technology and provided an excellent physics simulation.

It is interesting how Trine came into being as a side project of the Frozenbyte team, which, due to the impossibility of finding a publisher for its main game, eventually decided to realize Trine. Fortunately for them, the game met with good reactions from players and critics.

Trine received three sequels, and by 2015 it had sold more than seven million copies. The third part of the series strayed a bit into a 3D format, and as it was not well received by fans, the developers decided to return to the old 2D approach in the fourth part.

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