Skyrim will soon be playable in a group of 25 players

Skyrim will soon be playable in a group of 25 players

Given the fact that we won't be playing a new Elder Scrolls soon, maybe it's not a bad idea to return to Skyrim for the hundredth and first time? If you agree, you may be interested in the news that co-op Skyrim gameplay is getting more advanced with the Skyrim Together mod.

Next week, Skyrim Together Reborn 1.0 arrives, a new version of the mod that turns Skyrim into a cooperative experience. A lot has been added to the new version, and it will be possible to play cooperatively in larger groups of up to 25+ players.

Finally, the synchronization of quests and dialogues is introduced, so that all players can follow the story. Of course, as Skyrim is not designed for cooperative play, there will still be some restrictions - for example, only the host/quest leader will be able to start and activate quests.

This mod also changes the way the game works when the player dies. Unlike vanilla Skyrim, where death is followed by loading of the last position, here players respawn with the loss of a certain percentage of gold (which can be adjusted in the server settings).

For more details on the Skyrim Together Reborn mod, check out the official page.

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