McCree is now Cole Cassidy

McCree is now Cole Cassidy

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 26, Jesse McCree in Overwatch will change his first and last name and will be called Cole Cassidy in the future. This is a change that was announced in the eighth month and is part of a process in which Blizzard removes from its games controversial references related to employees who have had to do with discrimination and harassment of employees in the company.

The reference to McRee was just in the name - the character was named after a now-former Blizzard employee.

In addition to the name, Blizzard somewhat changes the background story for Cole Cassidy. Now he is a character who runs away from his past and ultimately decides to be honest with himself and his team.

For this change to go as smoothly as possible (read: with as little ridicule and criticism of Blizzard as possible), it was announced that from today until November 5, Overwatch players are allowed to change their BattleTag for free. If you want to do that, you can apply here.

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