The next Half-Life is reportedly a combination of shooter and strategy

The next Half-Life is reportedly a combination of shooter and strategy

YouTuber Tyler McVicker has released several new insights into Valve’s business. A fairly reliable source for rumors about Valve reveals that Valve is slowly moving away from the idea of ​​designing games for virtual reality devices. Although Half-Life: Alyx was a successful project, at the same time it was limited by a VR platform that still didn’t have an explosion of popularity.

At Valve, they are more optimistic about the upcoming Steam Deck, a portable PC for which they are reportedly developing a new Half-Life game. However, McVicker states that it will not be a classic Half-Life or a classic shooter. Instead, it is reportedly a cooperative game that combines first-person shooting and elements of real-time strategy play.

This may sound crazy to you, but this is not the first time that the strategy game genre has been linked to the Half-Life series. We know that one of the many (failed) prototypes for Half-Life 3 was once the RTS format. There have been rumors for some time about a project codenamed Citadel, whose references are found in the Dote 2 code.

Citadel was conceived as an asymmetric multiplayer game that would connect VR players and those with a mouse and keyboard. But McVicker now claims that Valve has given up on the VR component and is building the game around the specifics of Steam Deck.

One of the special features of this device is that due to its touch screen it is ideal for controlling strategy games. But at the same time, Steam Deck is not deprived of playing fast shooting games because it supports the classic forms of PC game management - mouse and keyboard.

If you are wondering what a crazy combination of shooter and strategy game it is, such a combination is not unknown in today's market. There are more and more such games, and one of the latest examples of that combination is the recent Lemnis Gate.

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