The Xbox Series S is America’s best-selling console for Black Friday

The Xbox Series S is America’s best-selling console for Black Friday

The console market war for the holiday season in the United States began with the celebration of Microsoft. According to a report by Adobe, which contacted thousands of stores and analyzed their sales, the best-selling console for Black Friday in the U.S. was the Xbox Series S.

We don't have specific figures to compare, but the result is unexpected because the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch consoles sold better than Xbox's all year round. However, this result was mostly influenced by the offer, ie the amount of stock of the consoles themselves. While the PlayStation 5 and even the Xbox Series X are still harder to find in sales in the U.S., the shortage wasn’t that much of a problem with the Xbox Series S model.

Another thing, the Xbox Series S is the cheapest current console at a suggested retail price of $ 300 if we don’t count the Nintendo Switch Lite in portable form.

The third thing, unlike Sony and Nintendo, which cracked with games earlier in the year, Microsoft left its trump cards just for the end of the fall season, so the current Forza Horizon 5 and the upcoming Halo Infinite are pretty good reasons to buy an Xbox, especially with the fact that thanks to the Game Pass subscription, that console does not require an investment of an additional $ 60 to play something on it.

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